Origin of Maltipoo:
The Malti Poo is a cross between a Maltese and a Toy poodle. Like many Poodle
crossbreeds, it is known by many names, such as Malte Poo, Malta Poo, Multa
Poo, Moodle, Malti Doodle, Maltese Poodle, or even Malt Oodles. Unlike other
Poodle mixes, the Malti Poo cross is made to create a distinct appearance,
rather than to provide the Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat, as the Maltese itself
sheds little and is good for allergy sufferers. As a crossbreed, the Malti Poo is
not eligible for registration with purebred registries such as the American
Kennel Club, but it can be registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club or
continental kennel club as Malt-a-Poo. Some breeders produce Malti Poos by
crossing a purebred Poodle with a purebred Maltese (called a first generation
cross), but others allow crossing Malti Poos with Poodles or Maltese (called a
backcross), or other Malti Poos (called a multi-generation cross). Different
crosses can result in different characteristics. The Malti Poo has won over
celebrities and the masses alike with its distinctive charm. Jessica Simpson’s
Malti Poo ‘Daisy’ was featured on the reality TV show ‘Newlyweds: Nick and
Jessica’. Other celebrity Malti Poo owners include Ellen DeGeneres and
Carmen Electra. This breed is a beautiful mix..

Size: The Malti Poo comes in a wide variety of sizes, but most are 6-15 in (15-38
cm) at the shoulders and weigh 5-15 lbs (2-7 kg). A Malti Poo with more Maltese
influence will have a domed skull, whereas a Malti Poo with a higher Poodle
influence will have the long, narrow muzzle characteristic of Poodles.

Coat: The Malti Poo coat can range from the silky texture of the Maltese coat to
the Poodle’s distinctive frizzy coat. It can be many colors including grey, black,
white, and apricot. Most Malti Poos shed little or none and are a good match
for allergy sufferers. Many Malti Poos are kept in a short ‘puppy cut’. Some
Malti Poos are kept with a longer coat, with the hair tied in a bow above the

Character: The Malti Poo is an intelligent, loving dog. The mix of Maltese and
Poodle usually produces a lively, playful dog devoted to its family. The Malti
Poo loves to play or curl up on the couch for a nap. Malti Poos require frequent
human companionship.

Temperament: The Malti Poo can get along well with dogs and other pets if
socialized when young,   Malti Poos get along great with children.

Care: The Malti Poo sheds little or no hair. It does require some grooming
and regular brushing to prevent tangling. The eyes and ears should also be
cleaned regularly with stray hairs removed. Bathe only when necessary.
Puppies should not be handled constantly as they need time to rest and relax.
The Malti Poo has a lifespan of 11-15 years. Malti Poos may be susceptible to
health problems affecting the parent breeds if they are first generation, such
as heart issues, dental problems (frequent tooth brushing can help), and bloat,
though maltipoos ( second or third generation is  somewhat less likely to suffer
these conditions then purebred Poodles or Maltese (known as ‘hybrid vigor’).
Bloat can be prevented by feeding from a raised dish, spacing meals
throughout the day, and avoiding exercise immediately after meals.

Training: The Malti Poo is eager to learn and should not present many
difficulties in training. Positive reinforcement is likely to be the most
successful approach. This breed is very smart and easy to  house train. Like
the Maltese, many Malti Poos are able to paper, box train, and  ‘outdoor’ train

Activity: The Malti Poo can have most of its exercise needs met by indoor play
and activities, but it also enjoys walks or playtime in the yard. The Malti Poo is
an excellent breed for anyone..